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Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing offers a range of evidence-based assessments to support selection and recruitment for higher education, professional organisations and governments. Our vision is to enable fair access to opportunities in education and employment around the world.

Our tests include:

  • assessments in thinking skills
  • admissions tests for medicine and healthcare
  • behavioural styles assessment
  • subject-specific admissions tests.

Rigorous test development and review processes mean that our tests conform to the highest quality standards and deliver fair, accurate assessment for all applicants. To ensure our tests provide a valid indicator of an applicant’s potential, we continually carry out operational analysis and validation research.

We have been working with world-leading universities in the UK, as well as institutions and ministries around the world, for over 10 years. Our network of test centres in over 150 countries allows applicants to take the test, wherever they are in the world.

We are part of Cambridge Assessment, a not-for-profit department of the University of Cambridge, and benefit from the organisation’s range of assessment, research and validation expertise.

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