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We have a selection of videos from our various seminars, conferences and events hosted around the world. Use the player below to watch and explore our video archive.

Black Cantabs Asher Goodenough video

Black Cantabs: History Makers portrait narratives (20:16)

This groundbreaking exhibition tells the stories of black students in Cambridge, from the forgotten pioneers of centuries past to the celebrated successes of today. Narrated by Favaad Iqbal and Yozzie Osman from the Cambridge Assessment BAME Network.

why there's no holy grail in education

What we have learned from 60 years of big transnational surveys (01H48:20)

We had the great pleasure of welcoming Professor William H. Schmidt from the USA, a leading thinker and mover on international comparisons.

teacher expertise

Training teachers, trusting teachers, building competence - understanding teacher expertise (02H02:20)

Professor Christopher Winch of King's College London discusses the issue of teacher expertise at the Cambridge Assessment Network seminar: 'Training teachers, trusting teachers, building competence'

Achieve Autumn 2018


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