David Beauchamp

David Beauchamp

I joined Cambridge Assessment in the summer of 2016. Both my professional and academic backgrounds are in language teaching and linguistics. I graduated from the University of Birmingham in 2015 with an MA in Applied Linguistics, which I studied while working overseas as a language teacher, teacher trainer and centre coordinator.

Since joining Cambridge Assessment, I have worked on pieces of research such as validation studies of Cambridge exams through qualitative and quantitative methods, and the Aspects of Writing project, which looks at language change over time in students’ writing. I am particularly interested in the analysis and evaluation of texts through discourse analysis and corpus linguistics.

Outside of work, I enjoy the challenge of learning new languages, seafood, and cycling around Cambridge and the surrounding countryside.

Conference: Questioning Questions

young school girl with her hand in the air to answer a question

What are the best kind of questions to ask? #CamEdLive