Gender Pay Gap

Gender Pay Gap

At Cambridge Assessment we fully support the Government’s initiative to highlight gender pay gaps within organisations in the UK and we are committed to publishing our UK gender pay gap.

We have recently completed our second year of gender pay gap reporting and are pleased to share this data with you. Our 2018 figures represent a small change in our median gender pay gap, which has decreased from 9.07% to 8.27%. Whilst this is significantly lower than the Office for National Statistics average of 17.9%, we are clear that we want to do better and more for our people. We remain committed to closing the gap through a wider programme of long-term initiatives that promote and embed equality, diversity and inclusion into the way we lead and work. You can read more about this in our report.

View Gender Pay Gap report 2018

View Gender Pay Gap report 2017

The gender pay gap measures the difference in the average earnings between men and women across an organisation. This is different from equal pay, which ensures men and women receive equal pay for equal work. As discussed in our report, our gender pay gap is explained by the proportions of men and women across the organisation and we are confident is not due to any pay disparity across equal work. Cambridge Assessment’s reward structure supports the fair treatment and reward of employees, irrespective of gender.

At Cambridge Assessment we feel the diversity of our workforce makes a positive and important contribution to our continuing business success. Closing the gender pay gap will take time, but we are committed to improving our ability to provide opportunities to both existing and new employees to progress on the basis of ability alone. Together our current and future initiatives will help to provide an environment and culture that supports our aim.


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