Case studies

Case studies

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Here are some examples of our work that demonstrate our key capabilities.

Assessment and test design

We have worked in partnership with ministries of education, qualifications authorities and examination and assessment boards around the world for over 150 years. For example since 1982, we have helped to shape and establish Singapore’s education system. Throughout a number of reforms, Singapore’s ‘Cambridge Connection’ – built on mutual trust and understanding – continues to provide its students with better employment opportunities, a common examination and certificate as well as access to universities around the globe. Every year, tens of thousands of students in Singapore take Cambridge examinations; the state qualification for students in secondary school. 

In other parts of the world such as Egypt, Bahrain, Namibia and Botswana, we work with governments to reform education systems. We also help to localise examinations and education programmes by training officials, teachers and examiners in curriculum development and assessment.

Curriculum development

In the UK we have been working in partnership with the JCB Academy – the first school of its kind to specialise in a technically-orientated education for 14 to 19 year olds – to help build an engaging curriculum. Our involvement in the academy has meant that we have been able to bring our expertise in curriculum, assessment and qualifications to the development of its curriculum, not only to ensure young people achieve top grades but also to develop the key skills essential for success in the world of work. Building on this success, we are working with other University Technical Colleges around the country to support technical curriculums with a flexible range of qualifications.

Teacher and trainer development

We provide support for practitioners through a package of training, seminars and reference material. We hold over 2,300 training workshops and seminars a year ranging from an accredited assessment programme to In Service Educational Training (INSET) days. 

In addition the Cambridge Assessment Network specifically facilitates the sharing of knowledge and expertise through its bespoke courses, and outreach and training activities for people working in assessment. The Network's most recent projects include:

• A four-week course on the teaching and assessment of English in primary and secondary schools for the Singapore Ministry of Education

• A one-day course designed for the Chartered Institute of Housing, writing summative assessments within the Qualifications and Curriculum Framework model

• A blended learning course on ‘Curriculum and Assessment’ for the SLO, the Netherlands institute for curriculum development.


Supporting global assessment needs

Working with the British Council and IDP: IELTS Australia we established IELTS, the world’s leading test for immigration and higher education taken by over 1.4 million candidates a year in 120 countries. It is used as the main language qualification for immigration to Australia and Canada and recognised for immigration and higher education in the UK, New Zealand and many other countries.

Assessment and test design

We have worked with practitioners and other parts of the education system to develop a number of new qualifications. Through developing qualifications with educators, industry leaders and learners, we ensure assessment is relevant and fit for purpose. In the UK this model has given us the Critical Thinking A level, highly innovative approaches to Science, Maths, History and Geography, Cambridge Nationals and Cambridge Pre-U.

Monitoring and evaluation

We provide consultancy and benchmarking for governments worldwide. For example, we hosted roadshow events to discuss the wider context of language assessment with policy makers and academics. We also actively support the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework of Reference – which we helped to create – now used worldwide as a framework for clearer understanding of the levels of language learning – and we provide the official samples.

If you would like further information on our consultancy capability please contact us with an outline of your specific area of interest.


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