Our values

Our values

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Our mission is to provide excellence in education.

We believe that educational integrity should be at the heart of all assessment and that tests and qualifications are only of value if they inform the learning process and reflect the true status of an individual's knowledge and understanding.

We are committed to ensuring all learners access the benefits of their education through a fair and accurate assessment of their skills, knowledge and understanding.

A philosophy of fairness and integrity runs through everything we do, and we are committed to the delivery of our goals through the way we work together, both in teams and as individuals. Our values are:

  • Collaborative
  • Innovative
  • Responsible

A Cambridge Approach is a series of manifestos about aspects of education, including high-quality textbooks and learning materials, international education comparisons, and assessment. The Approach guides the work of Cambridge Assessment and underpins our work with partners around the world.

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