Webinar: Understanding and optimising your mark schemes

Assessment training webinar: Understanding and optimising your mark schemes

Speakers: Dr Simon Child (Head of Assessment Training, Cambridge Assessment Network)
Date: 18 Jun 2020 Venue: Online
Time: 16:30 - 18:00
Type: Training workshop Fee: £90.00

Training outline

Mark schemes are a key reference when an examiner is judging candidates’ responses to an item or set of items. A mark scheme has to both capture the range of responses students produce for a target item, whilst also facilitating reliable examiner judgement. 

This webinar will first introduce the different mark scheme approaches available to practitioners. The webinar will also provide some practical guidance on how mark schemes can be optimised, and will allow attendees to reflect on their own practice of mark scheme design.

“With practical examples and a good structure this webinar was worth every minute of my time.”

Key learning outcomes

Participants in this webinar will:
  • Develop their knowledge of theory and research underpinning mark scheme design
  • Enhance their understanding of best practice in mark scheme design (e.g. how to optimise levels-based mark schemes)
  • Be able to diagnose potential issues with mark schemes that they have developed and used
  • Use their knowledge of mark scheme design principles to justify their future assessment-related decisions

Intended audience

This session will be useful to practitioners involved in the development of assessments and people who want to gain a greater understanding of the role that mark schemes play in the development of examinations. Participants do not need any prior knowledge related to mark scheme design prior to attending the course.

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Course trainer

Simon Child - Head of Assessment TrainingDr Simon Child is Head of Assessment Training at the Cambridge Assessment Network. Previously, he was a Senior Research Officer in the Assessment Research and Development Division of Cambridge Assessment. He has conducted research in the field of qualifications reform and development since 2012.

His other research interests include quality of marking processes, curriculum development, formative assessment and Higher Education. His background is in developmental psychology. In 2011, he received his Ph.D from the University of Manchester, which focused on the development of symbolic cognition in pre-school children.

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