Corporate Services

Cambridge Assessment Corporate Services

Corporate Services is comprised of the parts of the organisation that cover the whole of the Cambridge Assessment Group.

These are:


The Assessment Research and Development (ARD) division works to draw together all the work that influences thinking in assessment. It does this through publishing and presenting our research, sharing knowledge through seminars and conferences and generating new opportunities for assessment solutions.

ARD comprises:

  • Cambridge Assessment Network
  • Research Division
  • Group Archive

CEO’s Office and Public Affairs

The Group Chief Executive, Simon Lebus, has overall responsibility for the operations of the Cambridge Assessment Group. His office includes his PA Sue Bidwell and John Harris the Corporate Affairs Manager.

The Group Chief Executive’s Office also incorporates the Public Affairs unit and the Group Property Director's team.

As well as assisting the Group Chief Executive the office also has responsibilities for the administration of the Syndicate (Cambridge Assessment’s governing body), the Audit Committee (a sub-committee of the Syndicate), and the Corporate Board (Cambridge Assessment’s most senior executive committee).

The Corporate Affairs Manager also has corporate responsibility for issues relating to Data Protection and Freedom of Information in conjunction with the legal teams in the business streams.


The Finance Division's aims are to:

  • Provide financial information to the Syndics, the Corporate Board and all budget holders to enable them to make informed decisions
  • Ensure compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements, including those of the University and those included in the Group's rules and policies
  • Establish and support standards of good practice in accounting, reporting, financial planning and transaction processing
  • Promote effective use of Cambridge Assessment's financial resources
  • Provide professional advice across Cambridge Assessment

The Finance Division is directed by Group Finance Director Jackie Rippeth, supported by Rachel Yoxen, Director of Financial Planning, Analysis and Reporting and Alan Brooks, Interim Director of Financial Operations.

The Group Finance Director's office maintains the Group Financial Regulations and coordinates the activities of the internal auditors, as well as carrying out central activities including insurance.

Group Archive

The archives are predominantly those of the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES) which was rebranded as Cambridge Assessment in 2005. These include:

  • Executive and major committee records from 1874 onwards
  • Examination administration material from circa 1860s to 1940s
  • Overseas development records
  • Internal research papers from 1962 to 2000
  • Lists of successful examination candidates up to circa 1950

Cambridge Assessment Group Archives participates in the Janus archive project, which is a single point of networked access to the catalogues of archives held throughout Cambridge.

Group IS (Infrastructure Services)

On behalf of Cambridge Assessment, Group IS leads the commercial procurement process, sources and manages property, provides a wide range of services in our offices and buildings, prints, stores, collates and despatches assessment materials, and develops, delivers and maintains IT solutions to meet business goals.

Human Resources

Human Resources endeavours to create a positive working environment which enables our managers and staff to help the business and themselves to develop and succeed.

HR comprises:

  • Recruitment
  • Remuneration
  • Learning & Development
  • Health & Safety
  • Wellbeing
  • Internal Comms & Engagement

How we are structured

A diagram that shows how we are structured.

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