Engaging and developing our people

Engaging and developing our people

We have ambitious plans to become the leading world authority on assessment. It matters to us that people rise to bigger challenges and reach their potential, so as your ambitions and interests grow there will be opportunities to move around the business and gain new skills.

We’ll expect you to take responsibility for fulfilling your own potential, and we will provide you with the training and development opportunities to manage this.

Here at Cambridge Assessment, we are committed to providing opportunities for learning, development and training to help everyone maximise their potential through the acquiring and sharing of knowledge and skills. We're also building our online and virtual opportunities in order to make learning accessible to everyone, irrespective of location.

We recognise that learning and development is an ongoing process and that keeping up-to-date and developing new skills are critical to our ability to respond to the evolving environment and our role within it.

Development programmes

If you’re looking to make the move from an administrative position to a management one or move from a specialist role into line management, you’ll likely need to expand your skill set.

Using our understanding of how the business operates, its vision for the future and the skills, knowledge and attributes it values in its managers, the development programmes we run at Cambridge Assessment are designed to help you prepare for your next step. One such programme is Aspiring Managers which aims to give those who want to become managers an insight into what being a manager means, and opportunities to learn and practice line management skills.

Please see below to hear what previous participants thought of the Aspiring Managers 2014 programme.

  • Aspiring Managers - programme aspir...

    Here the participants discuss their aspirations in regards to the Aspiring Managers programme.

  • Aspiring Managers - skills develope...

    Here the participants discuss the skills they developed during the Aspiring Managers programme.

  • Aspiring Managers - colleague testi...

    Here the participants discuss what they would say to a colleague if they were deciding whether or not to apply.

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