Travel for Work - Coventry

Travel for Work - Coventry

However you intend to travel to your new place of work, we hope you find the information below both relevant and useful.

Westwood Business Park Car Share scheme

There is a dedicated car share scheme for the Westwood Business Park. The scheme is solely open to employees working on the Business Park. For information, or to register for the scheme, click here.

Liftshare is a website that anyone can register with. It can help you find someone to share your travel to work with.


Facilities for motorcycle parking are available at all sites.


There are cycle storage and shower facilities available at Progress House.

Coventry Cycling Maps can be downloaded here.

Cambridge Assessment takes part in Cycle2work. As part of the scheme staff agree to sacrifice part of gross salary and in return will be provided with the use of a bicycle and cycling safety equipment. Savings are made with income tax and National Insurance.

Bus & Train Information

Network West Midlands bus and train information for Coventry can be found here.

Interest free season ticket loans are available at Cambridge Assessment’s discretion and become available to you after at least 3 months service on a permanent contract (or) a fixed term contract of one year or more.

QR codes

A list of useful QR codes to navigate to one of our UK offices via Google Maps. Scan with your smart phone to navigate from your location.