Group Chief Executive's introduction

Group Chief Executive's introduction

Saul Nasse Group CEO Cambridge Assessment

People often say that in education the one constant is change. And this has been a year of change for Cambridge Assessment – exciting, positive change. It’s a year that’s seen our Cambridge teams move into a new home. A year in which we’ve said goodbye to my predecessor Simon Lebus after 15 years at the helm. But above all, it’s been a year when we have enjoyed six per cent growth in revenue, and in which we have begun to embrace an exciting digital future.

I write this from my desk in Triangle, our new Cambridge base. The achievement in moving more than 2,000 people here, just before our big summer exam season, can’t be overestimated. We have realised our vision of a collaborative powerhouse, of a modern new home that will energise our teams to deliver more for learners than ever.

One of the first things I did when I was appointed Group Chief Executive was to meet teachers and learners in the UK, the USA, Singapore and Pakistan. I already knew how much our English exams meant to people having worked in Cambridge English for four years, but to see the impact of our OCR and Cambridge International products has been wonderful. Cambridge is a byword for educational excellence, and Cambridge Assessment makes that a reality for millions of students around the world.

We’re working hard to make sure that we live up to the widest sense of what Cambridge means to our learners. You’ll read in the following pages how fundamental collaboration is to us – collaboration with Cambridge University Press, the faculties and the wider University.

As Stephen Toope, our Vice-Chancellor, writes on the previous page, we are now in a new era of alignment, governed by a new Press and Assessment Board which is really enabling us to drive educational impact and value to learners.

Just a word about our future journey too. In my first week I, together with the Corporate Board, kicked off a process to review our global strategy. We want to make sure that, no matter how the world changes, we continue to innovate and deliver for learners. Whether it’s a five-year-old in America starting out on the Cambridge Pathway, the Ivy League-bound Indian teenager studying for IELTS or the UK college student taking a Cambridge Technical, we want to create an experience that feels relevant in the modern world. An experience that stimulates a lifelong learning relationship with Cambridge.

All our customers, stakeholders and learners have a key role to play in our organisation, so do drop me a line. Tell me what you like about Cambridge Assessment, what you don’t like, what we could do better, what we’re doing well. It would be great to hear from you.

And let me finish by saying thank you to all our customers, stakeholders and learners. Thank you for choosing us, thank you for putting your trust in us. I hope our qualifications and learning tools have given you the confidence to demonstrate and fulfil your or your learners’ potential. Best wishes for another great year of learning.

Saul Nassé
Group Chief Executive, Cambridge Assessment

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