Single Organisation

Single Organisation

Cambridge Assessment and Cambridge University Press logos

The University of Cambridge announced on 20 October 2020 that it will bring together its publishing and assessment operations to create a single organisation. Cambridge University Press and Cambridge Assessment publish and create world-leading content and examinations that are used across more than 170 countries.

The Press and Assessment Board challenged the two organisations to work more closely together and to produce a Single Strategy which we delivered in June 2020. This sets out six strategic priorities and three sets of ambitions which were related to financials, our people and the planet and our impact.

Six strategic priorities and three sets of ambitions

When working through how to implement this Single Strategy it became apparent to the CEOs and to the PAB that it could most successfully be done as a single organisation with a single leadership team and unified financial reporting.

Covid-19 has intensified competitor activity and the move to digital products and services in our markets. We will be better positioned to respond as an integrated organisation.

The merger will enable us to:

  • Serve learners, teachers and researchers better together and expand our impact – customers already see and trust us as “Cambridge” but spend time interacting with separate organisations. Together we can offer a complementary approach to learning and assessment to improve learner outcomes, present a unified external face to expand our impact and reach more customers, and make it easier to buy from a single organisation.
  • Lead in digital learning and assessment products with our combined capabilities and scale – learners and teachers increasingly expect more integrated and data-driven approaches to education. By combining our assets and investments we can move more quickly and effectively to address digital opportunities, and bring assessment capabilities to higher education offerings as well as schools and language learning.
  • Become an even better place to work - we can offer our people more career opportunities across a larger organisation and through the ambitious growth we can achieve together as set out in the Single Strategy.
  • Increase effectiveness and operate more efficiently by working as an integrated organisation – we can make the most of our combined scale and complementary capabilities and knowledge. Simpler structures and clear accountability will enable faster decision-making for us to respond rapidly to changing market conditions and intensifying competition.
  • Further the University of Cambridge’s mission – we can extend its educational impact and reach, and increase financial support for the University.