Pleased to meet you: Tammy Liu

Pleased to meet you: Tammy Liu

Tammy, who has recently joined the organisation, takes us on a personal tour of California, Paris, China, and Cambridge...

Tammy Liu blog on page imageWhat’s your background prior to joining Cambridge Assessment?

I am a born and bred good ol’ California girl from the US of A. In my last year of university, I decided to study abroad for half a year in Paris and fell in love with Europe. I then spent a couple of years working for the voluntary sector in the greater Los Angeles area then went to teach English in Beijing, China. While there, I met my future husband, who is from Cambridge, and moved here over 10 years ago. Before coming to Cambridge Assessment, I worked for the local authority as a project manager in the adult and children social care sector.

What is your role and what are you working on at the moment?

My title is Education Contracts Manager for Cambridge Assessment English. My responsibility is to project manage all of our live projects for our consultancy services. I will be bringing project management guidance into the team to ensure we deliver to high quality, on budget and on time.

What attracted you to Cambridge Assessment?

I’ve always had a passion for education and fully believe that education is our doorway to a better future. As a child of immigrant parents and grandparents who were illiterate farmers, my family story of using education to elevate us to live blessed lives is a product of ambition and determination. I hope I am able to contribute to all the wonderful work Cambridge Assessment is doing for the world of education and advancing people to their best potential.

What have your first impressions been since joining us?

From the start, I have been able to tell that Cambridge Assessment’s policy is dedicated to and invested in the people. I look forward to building a stronger relationship with my team and the organisation. Thank you all for the warm welcome – I’m starting to feel like part of the family.

Tammy Liu

Education Contracts Manager, Cambridge Assessment English

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