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When context is king

Paul Steer talks birthday party venues, alligator eggs and accommodating a pig when it comes to the context within which exam questions are set.

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Why study assessment?

Deep Ghataura, Physics teacher and curriculum designer reflects on his time studying for the Postgraduate Certificate in Educational Examinations and Assessment, and advocates “assessment literacy for all”.

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What makes great assessment?

Tim Oates asks what makes great assessment? What are the current and foreseeable assessment challenges and uncertainties facing educators? What action can the profession take to address these challenges?

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Reforms, resits and 'good' passes

Paul Steer comments on the challenges of reforming functional skills, what a 'good pass' will look like at GCSE following the 9-1 reforms, and the 'heavily criticised' maths and English resit policy.

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Seminar: Assessing the world - visiting Cleverlands

Join us on 12 October to hear from education explorer Lucy Crehan, who travelled to the 'top-performing' education systems in six countries on four continents to discover the 'secrets behind the success of the world's education superpowers'.