Filio Constantinou

Filio Constantinou

I am an educational researcher with a special interest in educational linguistics and educational assessment. Before joining Cambridge Assessment I carried out research in the fields of bilingualism and bidialectism focusing specifically on second language writing, second language teaching, language awareness, language ideologies and educational inequalities.

My research at Cambridge Assessment has focused on a wide range of assessment issues, including question writing and question quality, students’ writing performance over time as part of our Aspects of Writing research, comparability of assessment instruments, diachronic perspectives on test design, validity and the sociopolitical underpinnings of assessment. As a member of the qualifications development research team, I provide our examination boards with advice on how to redevelop their qualifications, and have carried out research to support the reform of GCSEs and A Levels. I am currently investigating the use of context in applied qualifications and its implications for validity.

I have a BA in education from the University of Cyprus, an MA in language education from the University of York, an MPhil in educational research from the University of Cambridge and a PhD in educational linguistics also from the University of Cambridge. Recently, I completed a Postgraduate Certificate in educational assessment and examinations, a new postgraduate course offered by the Faculty of Education (University of Cambridge) in association with Cambridge Assessment.

Outside of work, I take part in a university initiative for promoting community languages (CRiCLE Network). I am also learning Spanish, and enjoy reading and travelling.

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