Joanna Williamson

Joanna Williamson

My background is in maths and I completed an MMath at the University of Oxford and a PhD in Mathematics Education at the University of Southampton. My doctoral research looked at numerical development in five year olds, specifically, changes in their representations of natural number structures. Before joining Cambridge Assessment in 2015, I worked on statistical research in other areas of education and in healthcare.

I’m part of the Educational Measurement team within the Assessment Research and Development division and the majority of projects I work on involve statistical analyses of assessment data, including the National Pupil Database. In current projects I’m looking at the impact of AS and A Level reform, the effects of mark scheme differences, and relationships between students’ school qualifications and their progression to further/higher education, employment, and training.

Outside of work I spend my time rowing, running and cycling.

Conference: Questioning Questions

young school girl with her hand in the air to answer a question

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