Matthew Carroll

Matthew Carroll

I joined Cambridge Assessment in 2017, and have since undertaken diverse research work, including developing automated plagiarism detection methods, quantifying uptake of different subjects at GCSE, and understanding demographic characteristics of students taking vocational qualifications.

My background is in analysis of large datasets and statistical modelling, having previously worked in the field of conservation ecology. I studied Natural Sciences at Cambridge, and then worked for a year in a science education centre. I then undertook an MRes in Ecology and Environmental Management at the University of York, where I stayed to carry out a PhD on ecological impacts of climate change. Following my studies, I worked as a scientist at the RSPB for over four years, focusing on analysis of large biological datasets.

My current work involves development of statistical methods to detect malpractice in examinations, and analysis of large administrative datasets, such as the National Pupil Database.

Outside of work, I enjoy running and walking to keep fit. I visit nature reserves for wildlife spotting, I’m an avid fan of music and food, and I volunteer with a charity that prevents social isolation in elderly people.



Uptake of GCE A level subject 2016
Carroll, M. and Gill, T. (2017). Statistics Report series No. 116
Uptake of GCE A level subject 2016 - Data
Carroll, M. and Gill, T. (2017). Statistics Report series No. 116 - Data

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