Victoria Crisp

Victoria Crisp

My areas of research since joining Cambridge Assessment in 2000 have included, issues in question difficulty, question design and question writing, the effects of answer spaces on student responses, the use and purposes of annotations in examination marking, validity and validation, comparability issues and methods, and judgement processes in assessment. I have been involved in providing training for examiners and assessment professionals on issues in question writing both in the UK and abroad. More current areas of research relate to question writing processes, and question quality and comparability.

I have a BSc in Psychology from the University of Birmingham and an MA in Education from the Open University (conducted part-time whilst working at Cambridge Assessment). I later completed my PhD with the Institute of Education in London on the judgement processes involved in the assessment of coursework.

I am passionate about animal welfare and have volunteered for two animal rescue charities. I will soon be starting an MSc in Animal Behaviour in my spare time.

Conference: Questioning Questions

young school girl with her hand in the air to answer a question

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