Jo Ireland

Jo Ireland

Over the years I have worked on various comparability and validation projects at Cambridge Assessment, including the unique ‘Aspects of Writing’ research series. I also manage divisional data collection tools and machine marking of multiple-choice tests for the University of Cambridge.

I am currently working on a project to investigate teaching of practical cookery in secondary schools. The Assessment Research and Development division first explored this area in 2007, so it will be interesting to look at changes over the last decade.

I have an MA in Information and Library Management from Northumbria University and in my spare time, I enjoy yoga, playing piano, and going on outdoor adventures with my son.



Is the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE) in England incongruous in the light of other jurisdictions’ approaches to assessment?
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Piloting a method for comparing examination question paper demands
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Linking instructional verbs from assessment criteria to mode of assessment
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Do the questions from A and AS Level Economics exam papers elicit responses that reflect the intended construct?
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Using scales of cognitive demand in a validation study of Cambridge International A and AS level Economics

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Assessment Instruments over Time
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Conference: Questioning Questions

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