Blog: Cambridge Triangle update July 2015

Blog: Cambridge Triangle update July 2015

For those based in Cambridge who have been following progress through home and office windows you will see that we are nearing completion of the main structural demolition of the final original site buildings. We are hoping to have the last remaining section of the Edinburgh Building down by the end of June.

Crushing of all the brick and concrete has commenced and will continue until the end of August. The incoming gas main has finally been disconnected. Our original contract completion date was the 27th July, we have now been instructed to remove and crush the entire ground floor slab of all the original buildings which will result in us finishing on site on the 7th September. If you have any concerns regarding our extension of works please do not hesitate to contact the John F. Hunt group via the contact information below.

Neighbourhood liaison: We continue to have a steady stream of local residents and Cambridge University Press members who wish to salvage a souvenir brick from the Edinburgh Building. Our open mornings are still proving popular with people popping in for tea. The next open morning will be the 9th July followed by the 23rd July, however we always welcome guests should you wish to call in when in the area. The tea and biscuits are free flowing!

Traffic Management: We currently have four deliveries to site each day which is for the changeover of the site skips. The next machinery to be delivered to site will be another 47ft excavator and collection of the high reach excavator. These deliveries will be done within normal working hours.

2 week look ahead:

  • Complete demolition of the Edinburgh Building
  • Commence slab removal
  • Continued processing of site materials
John Ballantyne
Project Manager, John F Hunt Demolition Ltd

Environment Working hours are: Mon-Fri 0800-1800 Sat 0800-1300
The environmental monitoring continues with noise, dust and vibration levels low.
John F Hunt Demolition Ltd Site Contact Details:-
Project Manager John Ballantyne 07738 718229

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