A Cambridge Approach to Textbooks

Cambridge Assessment has undertaken a wide-ranging analysis of textbooks and learning materials from a set of high-performing jurisdictions around the world. This analysis examined not only the form and features of the materials, but also their role in supporting effective learning and assessment.

A Cambridge Approach to Textbooks

The work made clear the role of textbooks in supporting curriculums, helping sequence learning in schools and supporting teachers in understanding topics. Textbooks improve equity in education, providing clear and well-researched materials that give students insight into subjects.

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Videos from the launch

  • Highlights

    Watch the highlights video to get a taste of the seminar and hear delegate views.

  • Historical context

    Professor David Lambert, Institute of Education, University College London looked at the importance of books in a historical context.
  • International context

    Our research looked at the international context. Hear how textbooks and learning resources are used successfully in some jurisdictions.

  • The Cambridge Approach

    The Cambridge Approach is a set of principles for designing high-quality textbooks and resource materials: a practical outcome following our call for improvement.

  • Publishers' views of the current playing field

    Presentations and panel discussion from four publishers on the current playing field, including the dichotomy between printed and digital resources.