Professional learning standards in assessment

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We have developed a range of professional standards that sit behind each stage of the assessment learning cycle. The standards are key competency areas that we believe practitioners should be able to understand and do in their day-to-day practice.

As you develop your assessment understanding through undertaking our training courses and moving through the professional learning cycle, you become eligible for advanced recognition through our assessment practitioner awards.

Principled knowledge and skills

Knowledge and skills
  • You can identify areas in your practice where assessment can be used appropriately;
  • Effectively describe key concepts in educational assessment to others;
  • Describe the different purposes of assessment that are relevant to your practice;
  • Understand key principles in educational assessment and how they are connected.

Reflection on your own context

  • You can compare and contrast different assessment approaches in terms of their features;
  • Evaluate assessment issues relevant to your practice;
  • Diagnose potential issues with the assessments you use.

Development of new insights

New insights
  • You can use your assessment knowledge to reach appropriate conclusions about the quality of existing or planned assessments;
  • Develop new principles to guide your assessment practice;
  • Predict effectively how changes to assessment might influence overall outcomes (e.g., validity, learning, or pedagogy).

Innovations in your practice

  • You can justify your choices based on inferences concerning assessment quality;
  • Develop strategies for improving the quality and usefulness of assessments for different purposes;
  • Plan effective enquiries to investigate the effectiveness of assessment innovations;
  • Use research findings to improve assessment effectiveness and quality.

Assessment practitioner awards

Assessment practitioner awards

Our awards have been designed to recognise and demonstrate a commitment to developing your assessment expertise.

Build and develop your practice

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Focusing on an important element of assessment design and practice, our assessment practitioner workshops are designed to fit seamlessly around your work commitments.