Data Literacy Essentials

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Online | Self-study | Fee: £75 (Members - £67.50)

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Data literacy is crucial for organisations and individuals who wish to unlock the power of their data. 

To support this, we have developed a new online course, Data Literacy Essentials which is for beginners who want to get started with their data journey.  

Made in conjunction with the Data Science Unit and Research teams from across Cambridge this course will equip participants with the essential skills to become more comfortable with data. 

On completion, you’ll be better equipped to start taking a more data-literate approach and know how to navigate the data you encounter.  

Following a simple self-study model, you’ll learn through quizzes and be provided with guidance on common misconceptions as you progress through areas such as effective data use and using data to make decisions. 

Testimonials from course pilot

“The course is easy to understand, follow and accomplish in the time given; it offers you a general overview of what data is, its potential, how to identify and avoid misconceptions and the necessary tools to tell a story through data. It's fun, practical and builds on the confidence one needs to start relating and working with data.” 

“This is a great introduction to data literacy for those for whom it is not part of their day-to-day jobs. It highlights how important some data literacy is to all aspects of our lives, from choosing a new washing machine to spotting fake or exaggerated news and statistics that can impact our lives and the choices we make.” 

Course modules

There are four modules, and you can expect to spend up to 6 hours studying in total as you complete the course. 

  • Understanding data and where it comes from 
  • Looking after and communicating with data 
  • Understanding the potential of data 
  • Data and misconceptions 

Course features

  • A range of activities including videos and quizzes and reflective tasks
  • Certification for completion of course modules
  • Access to the course for six weeks, so you can revisit your learning

Learning outcomes

By the end of the course, you’ll be able to: 

  • Consider the range of data you might encounter and how it can be used
  • Learn about the basic tools you can use in collecting and presenting data
  • Think about the right questions to ask when evaluating data

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So, if you are at the start of your data journey and keen to get going, then Data Literacy Essential is the course for you. 

Or if you’re looking for a data course which is more rooted in the context of assessment why not consider A103: Introducing Data Literacy.

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