Keynote Debate

Re-claiming formative assessment

Daisy Christodoulou, Director of Education, No More Marking, says that in some classrooms in the UK, teachers have been "doing the equivalent of expecting children to run a marathon in every lesson", using summative assessment too frequently as a learning tool. She calls instead for more frequent, formative assessment, using multiple choice questions which she says often has an unfair reputation but can in fact be a valuable learning tool.

Harnessing the power of curiosity: using questions to drive learning habits

Professor Bill Lucas, Director, Centre for Real-World Learning, University of Winchester explains how he is co-chairing a review into how creative thinking might be assessed in the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) tests in 2021. He says that while it is important that students learn the basics of knowledge, questions must help them acquire character and capabilities, and must unleash the power of learners’ curiosity.


A lively discussion of the topics raised throughout the day with contributions from the room and viewers online.