Aspects of Writing

Variations in aspects of writing in 16+ English examinations between 1980 and 2014

The research seminar held to launch the report of the 2014 phase of Variations in Aspects of Writing in 16+ English Examinations has triggered great debate across the educational research and English teaching communities, and the media.

The report is the latest phase of a unique study, which has been carried out every 10 years since the 1980s, and explores changes in a range of aspects of students’ writing in the context of formal English examinations between 1980 and 2014. The aspects of writing under scrutiny include spelling, punctuation, sentence structure and the use of paragraphs. Access to a rich corpus of writing from recent decades has afforded Cambridge Assessment researchers an invaluable opportunity to conduct this cross sectional study which provides insights that will interest researchers, teachers and the educational community. 

Thank you to all who attended, watched and contributed to the discussion surrounding the launch. Did you miss the footage? You can watch the highlights video to get a taste of the seminar, read delegate views and watch the presentations in full on this page.

Audience views

Aspects of writing report

Variations in aspects of writing in 16+ English exams from 1980 - 2014

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