Classroom Assessment for Teachers: Transforming Outcomes for Learners

A Cambridge course built for teachers by teachers...

With Classroom Assessment for Teachers: Transforming Outcomes for Learners you will be equipped with evidence-based strategies and tools to help navigate a changing educational landscape.

After a successful pilot, this on-demand course will launch in August 2024. Combining Cambridge expertise with practical teaching experience to transform classroom assessment outcomes this course will be suitable at both an individual and schoolwide level.

This course has been designed with a range of examples from a variety of subjects in mind, and has been built for educators at any stage of their career looking to develop their assessment expertise.

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What our teachers say

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Practical strategies

This course was an eye-opening journey. It empowered me with practical strategies to enhance assessment practices and positively impact student learning. Highly recommended for teachers seeking to elevate their assessment practices.

Ryan Estonia, Vice Principal, King's Valley International School


Completing the 'Classroom Assessments: Transforming Learning Outcomes' course was invaluable. It's self-paced, practical, and immediately applicable. Highly recommended for any educator looking to enhance their assessment strategies.

Fatima Shaukat, Teacher, Beaconhouse School System

Highly recommended for educators

Transformative! This course provided invaluable insights and practical strategies that have revolutionised my approach to teaching. Highly recommended for educators seeking to enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.

Thilagawathi Batumalai, Lecturer, Brickfields Asia College

About the course

Assessment is a cornerstone of effective teaching, providing critical insights into student learning and helping teachers make informed decisions about their own practice. Classroom Assessment for Teachers: Transforming Outcomes for Learners equips educators with the skills to conduct meaningful assessments and deliver focused feedback that maximises student progress.

The development of this course has been led by Cambridge expert and former teacher, James Beadle, in collaboration with The Assessment Network design team. Read his latest blog series on AI and Assessment in the classroom.

In a successful pilot of over 100 international teachers, 100% of respondees felt the course met the learning objectives with 93% rating the course as good or excellent.

Course features

  • A range of practical activities, including interactive quizzes and frameworks, for individual reflection or adaptation for departmental or school-level impact.
  • The course explores classroom assessment using a wide range of subjects from Mathematics, English, Physics, Drama, and Psychology.
  • Classroom Assessment will be scalable to wider school or trust involvement with learn as a school discounts.
  • On-demand learning which will take approximately 12 hours to complete in a budget-friendly and flexible format.
  • The modules are designed to be compatible with the latest accessibility tools, ensuring the best possible experience for all learners.
  • Certification upon completion of course modules.

Learning outcomes

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Gain an understanding of the key foundational principles for effective assessment, including validity, reliability, comparability, fairness, and manageability.
  • Take a strategic approach to assessment, supported by an assessment framework, and use concepts such as spacing and interleaving to maximise the progression made by your students.
  • Know how to design and ask powerful questions that meaningfully gather the information you need.
  • Identify the different types of data that can be gathered from assessments and interpret these in a critical manner, with an understanding of any potential threats to the validity of inferences you need to make.
  • Appreciate what makes feedback effective, gain a toolkit for delivering effective feedback and what factors determine student receptiveness to feedback.
  • Understand what is meant by metacognition, the role it likely plays in an increasingly changing and AI-driven world, and how skills such as self and peer assessment can be developed within the classroom.

Course modules

  • Module 1: A brief introduction to assessment theory
  • Module 2: Constructing and implementing a successful assessment strategy
  • Module 3: Designing and asking effective questions
  • Module 4: Collecting and critically interpreting assessment data
  • Module 5: Optimising feedback for learners
  • Module 6: Metacognition, self and peer-assessment

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