The Research

Introduction to the research

Sylvia Green Director of Research set out the background to the study. She looked back at the initial foresight of the original study that captured a corpus of data of student's writing in formal exams from the 1980s and compared it to that of those in the 1990s.

Key points - method, findings and context

Gill Elliott Principal Research Officer talked through the method of the 2014 phase of the cross sectional study. She also put into context the findings set out in the report.

Social media communication and students’ writing

Filio Constantinou Research Officer looked at the impact the ever increasing use of social media may or may not have had on students' writing.

Analysis of spelling errors

Nicky Rushton Research Officer addressed the change in common misspellings by students between 1980 and 2014.

Aspects of writing report

Research Matters Special Issue 4: Aspects of Writing 1980-2014 cover

Variations in aspects of writing in 16+ English exams from 1980 - 2014