Book Aid partnership in action

Book Aid partnership in action

Last year, Cambridge Assessment made a generous donation to the literacy charity Book Aid International, which supplies new books to schools, public libraries and resource centres in Africa, along with training for teachers and librarians and grants to build or enhance library spaces. You can read about Alison Hubert, Director of Book Aid International (pictured below with Group HR Director, Liz Allan), being presented with our donation on the Cambridge Assessment website.
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I have been a 'Community Ambassador' for Book Aid for a number of years and was at their warehouse in Camberwell last week for some training, where I took the picture below. In 2015 Book Aid sent well over 1 million books, donated by UK publishers, including a thousand made possible by Cambridge Assessment's donation.
Book Aid partnership in action warehouse Andrew Hewitt image
If anyone would like to know more about Book Aid International, please feel free to get in touch by leaving a comment below, or visit

Andrew Hewitt
Communications Lead, Cambridge Assessment

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