Blog: Cambridge Triangle update

Blog: Cambridge Triangle update

With the Triangle Forum due and the main demolition works underway the site is changing dramatically on a daily basis.

The Low Bay Warehouse is demolished and the scaffold has been erected onto the Edinburgh Building. UKPN have disconnected the existing high voltage incoming supply and the saw cutting continues to the existing slab

Neighbourhood liaison: We have had a steady stream of local residents visiting the site to salvage various items whether they be letters from the side of the building, logs, carpets, furniture and bricks. The fire brigade have regularly taken advantage of the empty building to hone their life saving skills to enable them to be ready for any rescue from high rise buildings should the need arise. There is an open morning every fortnight for visitors to come to site and see the progress to date, learn about our future plans for the main office building and the issues we have encountered along the way. The next open morning will be the 11th June, however we always welcome guests should you wish to call in. The tea and biscuits are free flowing!

Traffic Management: We currently have four deliveries to site each day which is for the changeover of the site skips. The 90ft long reach excavator was delivered to site on Friday 29th May on a police movement order.

Coming up:
 Isolate incoming gas to the site boundary
 Demolish the warehouse office
 Commence the demolition of the high bay warehouse

Environment Working hours are: Mon-Fri 0800-1800 Sat 0800-1300
The environmental monitoring continues with noise, dust and vibration levels low.
John F Hunt Demolition Ltd Site Contact Details:-
Project Manager John Ballantyne 07738 718229

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