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We need research! Bringing research insights to our agile digital innovation team

by Sylvia Vitello, 27 October 2022
Group of professionals at a board room table looking at research documents
In a blog last year, we looked at reasons why research practices might need to fit within 'agile' ways of working. ‘Agile researchers’ streamline traditional (academic) research processes so that researchers can provide insights to product teams in a timely and more useable manner. In this blog, Sylvia Vitello reflects on her personal experience as a researcher working within an agile working environment, what went well, and what was challenging.

What is competence? A shared interpretation of competence to support teaching, learning and assessment

by Sylvia Vitello & Jackie Greatorex, 26 January 2022
Woodwork student being observed by a teacher while working at a machine, wearing protective goggles and ear defenders
A new research report published by Cambridge University Press & Assessment explores what we mean by competence. Two of three authors, Sylvia Vitello and Jackie Greatorex, explain the background to the report, what’s in it, and why clarity about what competence means is so important.

Sylvia Vitello

Sylvia Vitello
Senior Research Officer