A Cambridge Approach

A Cambridge Approach is a series of manifestos about aspects of education, including high-quality textbooks and learning materials, international education comparisons, and assessment. The Approaches guide the work of Cambridge Assessment and underpin our work with partners around the world.

The Series offers frameworks for thinking about the major educational challenges faced by education systems. Each one in the series presents guiding principles, supported by a thorough explanation of the underlying theory and the research that evidences the Approach to that challenge.

They are designed particularly for the use of system leaders and their advisers. They apply to parts of systems as well as systems as a whole; for example they are applicable as much to a school or college chain as to an entire country’s system. They also guide the work of the Cambridge Assessment Group as it seeks to deliver excellence in education through research-led activities.

Written by Ministerial advisers and expert educationalists, informed by our practical work undertaken in 170 countries and with a strong research base, the Series supports analysis leading to effective action rather than providing formulaic solutions which lack reference to local contexts.

Inspiring learners, teachers and governments through clear, guiding principles

  • A Cambridge Approach to Assessment

    A Cambridge Approach to Assessment

    This Cambridge Approach outlines the principles and standards which govern the production, administration and evaluation of assessments and qualifications. It has been designed to be detailed enough to guide practice but concise enough to be fully read by busy people.

  • A Cambridge Approach to Improving Education

    A Cambridge Approach to Improving Education

    This Cambridge Approach provides a powerful framework for understanding the specific operation of different systems at specific times, and for policy formation. It offers high level organising principles that have extremely practical applications.

  • A Cambridge Approach to Textbooks

    A Cambridge Approach to Textbooks

    This Cambridge Approach describes the principles which should drive the criteria, standards and features of high quality learning materials. It offers a route to a better linkage between learning and assessment.