International Education - Your View Anesa Hosein

International Education - Being Open

Anesa Hosein, a former international student, now a lecturer in Higher Education at the University of Surrey, shares her views on international education.

What does international education mean to you?
Able to access different education outlets in different countries and not being unduly prohibited (e.g. immigration or technology issues).

Is the growing emphasis on international education important? Yes. Being able to experience different educational systems ensures that people are critical of the learning they receive and views presented.

What impact does international education have on an individual, organisation, country? [International education] enables sharing of ideas, finding commonalities and adapting good practices to their context (country/organisation) i.e. not transplanted or imposed.

Do you have any extra comments for us? My views are from the point of a former international student who has lived in developing countries (Trinidad and Tobago, St. Vincent and Guyana). If I was thinking with my curriculum hat on - the views presented might be different.

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What does international education mean to you?

Different contexts mean different interpretations of international education. We want to know what education without borders means to you.