International education and national education – a view from Albania

International education and national education - a view from Albania

Artur Shkurti, author, Head Teacher and founder of "Udha e shkronjave", the first Albanian Private School, and founder of the Albanian National Olympiads on Maths and General Formation tells us what international education means to him.

What does international education mean to you?
Global communities of schools which collaborate to have better curricula not only for individual schools but for national eductional system.

Is the growing emphasis on international education important? Why?
The best way to confront global concerns for a better future for the entire mankind.

What impact does international education have on an individual, organisation, country? An international school is a free school, which soon knows that borders of academic liberty are further away.

Do you have any extra comments for us? By being a Cambridge school we are implementing International Education. Now our school is an international school, so we changed the context we teach from national only to both national and international (fifty - fifty). Our study at the moment is not how to teach better in English, but how to teach better Albanian, in the context of better resources in teaching English, Maths, Science etc. Therefore we "invented" a new subject. We [are studying] new ways, techniques, strategies of how to conserve or develop better teaching of Albanian. Our conclusions (not yet, because this is the first year of study) will benefit both International Education and National Education which has its main foundation in Albanian Language. 

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What does international education mean to you?

Different contexts mean different interpretations of international education. We want to know what education without borders means to you.

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