Conference highlights

Thanks to all of you who contributed your ideas and made the seventh Cambridge Assessment Conference such a success. Didn't make it? Watch the highlights video to get a taste of the day, read delegate views and catch-up with conference talks on this page.

Conference talks

  1. International Education: INTERPRETATION

    A history lesson on the education system in the USA and the role of English language in international education.

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  2. International Education: IMPORTANCE

    The approach to and impact of international comparisons. What can be learnt? Speakers from the UK, Germany and Italy explain.

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  3. International Education: IMPACT

    From theory to practice. How does international education work in schools? Case studies from private and public schools with national and international curricula and a ministry of education point of view.

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  4. International Education: THE BIG DEBATE

    A thought-provoking exchange of ideas and Q&A among the audience, the speakers and those who joined us live in Argentina, Mexico and on social media.

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Delegate views

  1. International Education: Our chief executive's view

    Simon Lebus, Group Chief Executive, shares his thoughts on the issues and ideas raised at the seventh biennial Cambridge Assessment conference.


  2. International Education: A student's view

    Bali Birch-Lee, an A Level student, discusses why she chose to attend the conference and what she learnt on the day.


  3. International Education: A teacher's view

    Lucy Crehan, an education consultant, international education blogger and teacher gives her opinions on some of the issues presented by our speakers. 


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