British Curriculum Forum: investigating knowledge and the curriculum


Tim Oates CBE, Director, Assessment Research and Development, Cambridge Assessment

Professor Mark Priestley, University of Stirling

Professor Vivienne Baumfield, University of Exeter

Date: 18 Jun 2016 Venue: Central London - address to be confirmed
Type: Conference Fee: £10.00 - £15.00

Over the last decade we have witnessed the radical transformation of the British educational landscape. This British Curriculum Forum (BCF) one-day conference will bring together teachers, academics and policy makers to interrogate the academic, practical, ethical and social dimensions underpinning the notion of ‘curriculum’ and especially recent debates about knowledge and subjects in schools and FE. 

The conference will also explore what is meant by curriculum research and how traditions in teacher research contribute to curriculum development and debate. Aimed at all key stakeholders interested in shaping a future curriculum in schools key notes and workshops will be offered from leading practitioners, subject associations and universities. 

Our Director of Assessment Research and Development, Tim Oates CBE, will be giving a joint presentation with Professor Mark Priestley from the University of Stirling, on 'What is the place of subjects in the curriculum? Two curriculum ‘provocations’. There will then be a debate on the subject chaired by Professor Vivienne Baumfield from the University of Exeter.