Higher Education: Enhancing the student assessment experience - tips and approaches that make an immediate difference

Higher Education: Enhancing the student assessment experience - tips and approaches that make an immediate difference Man studying at desk
Date: 19 Oct 2023 Venue: Online
Time: 12:30 - 13:00
Type: Seminar Fee: Free

Are you interested in enhancing the assessment culture at your higher education institution?  

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Join Dr Fiona McMaster of Transform-ED in collaboration with Cambridge Assessment Network on the 19 October (UK time) for a live webinar on the topic of assessment and higher education. 

In this webinar, Fiona will discuss a range of topics including the landscape of assessment in higher education, the need for individuality in assessment, and the importance of design and delivery. 

Attendees will also receive relevant tips and approaches that will make an immediate difference to their practice. Read below why in Dr Fiona McMaster's view you should attend.

“The student experience of assessment is personal and unique. As academics, we need to recognise the individuality of the assessment experience whilst also designing and delivering an approach for an entire cohort - not an easy challenge!  

Combined with the increasing pressures of assessment metrics, targets, and surveys (for example the NSS and PTES), we need to carefully balance the academic integrity and robustness of assessment whilst helping to navigate students through the process. Ultimately, it is about designing and delivering an assessment process that is impactful, enhances learning and is perceived as fair and fit for purpose.  

The aim of this webinar is to introduce our new workshop series on HE assessment design and delivery and explore how the student assessment experience can be enhanced through immediate and often small changes in academic practice. In 30-mins, we will highlight some key areas of thought/practice from each of the four sessions (design+ delivery, communication, management, and performance), and end with some takeaways you can put into immediate action.” 

During the webinar, we will also share details on an upcoming workshop series Fiona has helped design to enhance higher education assessment outcomes. 

Our speaker 

Dr Fiona McMaster - Fiona has been an educator and a facilitator since training as an English Language teacher over 20 years ago. Since then, she has worked in a range of training and educational settings across countries and spanning public and private sector organisations. She has taught and designed courses for public health in higher education settings, with a particular focus on research methods, behavioural science, and health communications. Popular with students, she was a frequent nominee in student-led teaching awards. She has led course revalidations at undergrad and postgrad levels and has been an external examiner for several institutions in the UK. 

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