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    A101: Introducing the Principles of Assessment (Scheduled (9 weeks) or Self-study)

    Understand key principles underpinning effective assessment including validity, reliability, and fairness. Improve your assessment knowledge and challenge your assumptions. Courses available: Self-study | 5 Feb-7 Apr 2024 | 10 Jun-11 Aug 2024 | 9 Sep-10 Nov 2024

    05 Feb 2024 - 07 Apr 2024 Online From £265.50 to £345
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    A102: Introducing Assessment Practice (Scheduled (9 weeks))

    Understand the practicalities of producing and delivering assessment as you are guided through the assessment cycle from start to finish. Courses available: 12 Feb-14 Apr 2024 | 17 Jun-18 Aug 2024 | 16 Sep-17 Nov 2024

    12 Feb 2024 - 14 Apr 2024 Online From £265.50 to £345
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    A103: Introducing Data Literacy (Scheduled (9 weeks))

    Become literate with the basics of using, managing, and interpreting data. Learn how to make the most of your data – from collection and management through to visualisation. Courses available: 19 Feb-21 Apr 2024 | 24 Jun-25 Aug 2024

    19 Feb 2024 - 21 Apr 2024 Online From £265.50 to £345
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    A104: Psychometrics in Educational Assessment (Scheduled (9 weeks))

    Learn methods from psychometrics to ensure your tests are reliable, valid, and fair. Gain the tools and understanding to analyse your assessment data. Courses available: 26 Feb-28 Apr 2024 | 2 Sep-3 Nov 2024

    26 Feb 2024 - 28 Apr 2024 Online From £310.50 to £345

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Understanding Assessment: A Practical Course for Teachers

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If you’re a teacher who wants to learn more about designing and delivering classroom-based assessments, this self-study, on-demand course is for you.  

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