SSAT Summer Series 2021 - what now for assessment?

SSAT Summer Series 2021 - what now for assessment? A blurred photo of a school corridor and stairway with students moving between rooms
Date: 26 May 2021 Venue: Online
Time: 15:00 - 18:00
Type: Seminar Fee: £85 - £249

Effective ways of assessing children at every stage of their learning has always been much debated. Cancellation of SATS and public exams, and discussion around trusting the judgement of teachers and leaders with submission of centre/school assessed grades have resulted in wide discussion about what rigorous, meaningful assessment should look like in the future. 

At this event participants will hear from leading researchers and thought leaders on assessment, including our Director of Assessment Research and Development Tim Oates CBE and Professor Jo-Anne Baird, Professor of Educational Assessment, University of Oxford. As well as from headteachers in the network, all will be asked to consider questions such as:

  • why do we place such importance on examinations and assessments?
  • to what extent can we ensure assessment is fair and free from bias?
  • what must be in place to ensure assessment is an integral part of effective planning of the curriculum and teaching and learning?
  • what alternatives should we explore?
Tim Oates: building not demolishing – why looking to the successes of the past is vital for the future

It’s a difficult time in so many ways. Ill-founded policy innovation is as damaging to educational practice in schools as the inertia from nostalgia and irrational conservatism. Many of the voices raised during Pandemic are promoting pet projects and worrying hidden agendas rather than building on secure evidence regarding educational improvement. While ‘recovery learning’ after learning loss may seem like an entirely new challenge, there’s good evidence for what should be done. In addition, the development of more robust approaches regarding national qualifications is not a blank canvas – in the UK we have well over a hundred years’ experience of everything from full coursework based qualifications, school designed exams, portfolios of evidence to traditional examinations. This provides a solid base for policy formation around ‘future learning and assessment’.

Participants will be encouraged to join the discussion and share their views on the future of assessment.

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The SSAT Summer Series is an online series of three live events which will bring together school leaders and inspirational speakers, sparking conversations and discussions on why change is needed in our schools. Visit the SSAT website to find out more about this summer's series. Attendees will be encouraged to consider the theme ‘Why change is needed now?’ and together, will identify practical strategies to begin shaping the way forward. These strategies and ideas will be further explored and expanded on at this year’s SSAT National Conference in December.