Southwest by Southwest EDU 2018

Southwest by Southwest EDU 2018

Speakers: Andrew Nye, Assistant Director, Cambridge Assessment English
Anna Lloyd, Head of Education Technology, Cambridge Assessment English
Evelina Galaczi, Head of Research Strategy, Cambridge Assessment English
Date: 05 - 08 Mar 2018 Venue: Austin Convention Center 500 E Cesar Chavez Austin TX, USA 78701
Time: 08:30 - 17:00
Type: Conference Fee: from 545.00 (USD)

The eighth annual Southwest by Southwest EDU (SXSW EDU) conference is taking place in Austin TX, USA on 5 - 8 March 2018. The four-day conference will be attended by academics, students, civil servants, practitioners and individuals to celebrate the innovations in learning. A wide range of topics and ideas from early learning to employability to language learning to special needs and much more will be covered at the conference.

At this conference, we look forward to hearing our colleagues from Cambridge Assessment English deliver various presentations to explore innovations in learning. Here is the running order:

Tuesday, 6 March 2018 from 13:30 to 15:30 (CST)
Evelina Galaczi, Head of Research Strategy is co-hosting a workshop with Geoff Stead, Executive Vice President, Babbel (former Director of Digital and New Product Development, Cambridge English) to discuss But does it help learning? Tools to evaluate EdTech and evaluate the effective use of EdTech in language learning.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018 from 12:30 to 13:30 (CST)
Anna Lloyd, Head of Education Technology and Andrew Nye, Director of Digital and New Product Development are presenting a case study on Science or Art? Online Teaching and Learning. They will present how a large organisation like Cambridge Assessment can serve hundreds of thousands of teachers and learners around the world, and talk about the challenges of creating online courses of equivalent impact.

Visit the SXSW website for more information including the complete programme and how to register to attend the conference.

Andrew, Anna, Evelina and Geoff will be live tweeting under @CambridgeEng from SXSW.

Follow Cambridge Assessment to join their Facebook LIVE broadcast on the final day of the conference on Thursday, 8 March.

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Evelina previously addressed the role of technology in questions, saying that there was a tension – technology was both expansive but also reductive. She said technology can do some things teachers can’t, but teachers can also do things technology can’t, including interaction and higher order thinking skills such as evaluating. Watch Evelina's presentation here to hear more.

500 E Cesar Chavez Austin TX, USA 78701