The importance of ideas: philosophical underpinning as a foundation for sound assessment and high performing education systems


Prof Paul Newton (Institute of Education, University of London)
Tim Oates (Cambridge Assessment)
Dr Nick Saville (Cambridge English)

Date: 26 Sep 2013 Venue: Hughes Hall Mortimer Road Cambridge CB1 2EW
Type: Seminar Fee: Free to attend

Hosted by the Network, this seminar aimed at getting to the hidden 'drivers' of the form and content of assessment and qualifications. 

It examined the role of ideas – theory, assumptions and values – which, in some cases, are consciously adopted as the basis of specific assessments, and in other cases perform powerful, but unspoken, shaping. 

"Ideas really matter in all systems, because they actually make all the systems", said Tim Oates who explored the role of theory in understanding the context in which assessment and qualifications are located, including making sense of international comparisons. Professor Paul Newton encouraged clarity of ideas by focusing on the intrinsic semantics of validity while Dr Nick Saville provided clear examples of how the commitments beneath the Cambridge English’s work deliberately and explicitly inform its actions. 

See below to hear the full podcast of all three speakers and download their presentations.

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