Using assessment data to empower practice

Using assessment data to empower practice woman attending webinar
Date: 02 - 23 Feb 2021 Venue: Online
Type: Workshop series Fee: £225

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Investigate the quality of your assessments and inform and justify your decision making using assessment data on this series of three interactive workshops. Taken consecutively over three weeks, each session builds on the learning from the last, with a chance to implement and reflect on the content during the weeks in between. 

The workshops have been designed for anyone with a responsibility for assessment who wants to learn how to analyse and interpret assessment and item-level data in order to evaluate assessment quality.

If you are new to evaluating assessments, or have limited experience, this series will give you everything you need to get going. Or if you are more experienced and want to refresh your skills this series will increase your understanding of the underpinning principles and boost confidence in your practice.

Workshop dates

Week 1 02 February 2021 | 12:30 - 14:00 (UK time) Title: Assessment-level statistics 
Week 2 09 February 2021 | 12:30 - 14:00 (UK time) Title: Evaluating assessments with item-level data - part one 
Week 3 23 February 2021 | 12:30 - 14:00 (UK time) Title: Evaluating assessments with item-level data - part two 

Course outline

This interactive series of three workshops blends theory and practice in guiding you through different types of assessment-level and item-level data. You will learn how to calculate and interpret assessment-level and item-level statistics in order to investigate the quality of your assessments. 

  • Week 1 - Understand what is meant by assessment-level statistics (such as mark distributions, means, standard deviations and correlations) and learn how they are used in practice in order to investigate assessment quality and compare assessments
  • Week 2 - Discover what item-level data is and what it looks like; understand the importance of carrying out item-level analyses to evaluate assessments; learn about the most commonly used item-level statistics and how to interpret them
  • Week 3 - Learn about item-level statistics for multiple choice questions; gain an understanding of assessment reliability and why it is important; appreciate what item-level data can tell us about the reliability of a test

Throughout the series, you will be given the opportunity to carry out practical exercises using realistic assessment data to support your understanding. In addition to the workshops, you will take away resources to support you in applying the learning to your own context and structuring your future MCQ design process.

Key learning outcomes

By the end of the three sessions you will have:

  • Learned how to calculate and interpret assessment-level and item-level statistics
  • Gained an understanding of the importance of using assessment-level and item-level data to investigate assessment quality
  • Used your knowledge of assessment data to inform and justify assessment-related decisions

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Course trainer

Carmen Vidal Rodeiro

Carmen Vidal Rodeiro joined Cambridge Assessment in 2005 and has worked on a wide range of projects, including research on progression routes, quality of marking and comparability of standards in high stakes examinations. She has also looked at subject choice (at AS/A level and in Higher Education), gender differences, the relationship between emotional intelligence and academic performance and the effects of modularity, maturity, multiple entry and re-sits on examination outcomes.

She holds a BSc in Mathematics and an MSc in Statistics from the University of Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and a PhD in Statistics from the University of Aberdeen.

Current areas of interest include designing and conducting impact studies in education, subject provision and uptake in schools and colleges, standards monitoring, and the validity of assessments as predictors of university and career success both in the UK and internationally.

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