Westminster Education Forum Keynote Seminar: assessing the impact of A Level reform

Westminster Education Forum: assessing the impact of A Level reform

Speakers: Gemma Hewitt, Head of A Level Products, OCR
Date: 20 Mar 2018 Venue: Congress Centre 28 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3LS
Time: 08:30 - 13:00
Type: Seminar Fee: £230 + VAT

Cambridge Assessment is sponsoring Westminster Education Forum's seminar on Assessing the impact of A Level reform. The seminar will bring together key policymakers and stakeholders from across the education sector to consider the impact of A Level reform on schools, colleges, students, exam boards and universities. It follows the first phase of reformed A Level exams held last summer and  follows on the initial teaching of the third phase reformed subjects since September 2017. 

Delegates will assess the initial reception of the reformed qualifications and the initial impact of their altered structure, emphasis and content - including whether reform has created more challenging content and the early effect on grade boundaries.

At this seminar, OCR's Head of A Level Products, Gemma Hewitt will be one of the panel members. Gemma's session will cover the theme of The impact of reform so far - issues for schools and colleges, ensuring full provision of subjects and the future position of the AS Level. She will discuss how the changes in general qualification reform have impacted the curriculum and explore the decline of AS Levels.

More information about the seminar including the full agenda and how to register can be found on the Westminster Education Forum website.

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28 Great Russell Street London WC1B 3LS