Westminster Education Forum: next steps for 16-19 provision

Westminster Education Forum: next steps for 16-19 provision


Sir David Collins, Further Education Commissioner, Department for Education

Professor Martin Doel, Professor of Further Education and Skills, Institute of Education, University of College of London

Karen Dukes, Partner, Restructuring Lead, Education, PwC

Catherine Large, Interim Director, Strategic Relationships for vocational Qualifications, Ofqual

Warwick Sharp, Deputy Director, head of Vocational Education and 16-19 Strategy, Department of Education

Date: 02 Nov 2016 Venue: Glazier Hall 9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD
Type: Conference Fee: £210 + VAT

This year, Cambridge Assessment is the core sponsor of the Westminster Education Forum and this seminar will focus on the likely challenges around the 16-19 education and training provision, discussions will include the implementation of the recently published Post-16 Skills Plan, support for the 16-19 providers to overcome financial and budgetary constraints, the importance of collaborative partnerships in keeping the costs down and streamlining intervention measures when a college is classes as financially ‘inadequate’.

With the Government’s introduction of the Progress 8, school performance measure plan, delegates will be looking at assessing policy priorities for improving overall qualifications and provision for 16-19 learners and to implement support to schools and colleges to advance forward to meet the performance measure. Ways to encourage and improve employer engagement in post-16-19 education and training will also be explored, along with diversifying routes into higher education and ways forward to improve the quality if vocational education and training.

For more information, please see the agenda.

9 Montague Close London SE1 9DD