Westminster Education Forum: Reforming England’s exam system


Professor Paul Black, Emeritus Professor of Science Education, King’s College London

Gabriel Heller Sahlgren, Director of Research, The Centre for the Study of Market Reform of Education

Date: 30 Jun 2016 Venue: Central London - address to be confirmed
Type: Seminar Fee: £210 + VAT

This seminar will discuss the challenges facing England's examination system this seminar will consider the quality of marking, improving the examination appeals process and implementing qualifications reform. 

Timed as Ofqual prepares to make improvements to marking and exam appeals, delegates will discuss the likely impact of the proposed reforms and further steps that could be taken to improve the overall quality of marking. They will also consider the potential of digital technologies in reducing the workload for markers, tackling barriers to the recruitment of high quality examiners and how to address concerns raised by schools about the high volume of grade changes at GCSE and A Levels recently.

Reforms to increase the transparency of result inquiries and improve the appeals process including proposals to allow candidates to view the original script before making an appeal, will also be considered, alongside addressing the rising cost of re-marking. 

Further sessions will focus on supporting schools to overcome resource and personnel challenges posed by introduction of linear exams, especially when catering for students with special consideration requirements. Delegates will also consider how well the current examination system prepares young people for work and higher education. 

Our UK education provider, Oxford Cambridge and RSA (OCR) have been part of the qualification reform. For the latest information about OCR's reformed qualifications please visit their website.