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How do our office buildings and environments influence working practice and culture?

Triangle building view from front

Many organisations use their location, building’s architecture and interior design of working spaces to shape and reflect work practices and organisational culture.

In 2018, staff moved from multiple Cambridge office sites to purpose built building, 'Triangle', and the Research Division of Cambridge University Press & Assessment seized this opportunity to find out how the physical environment influences work practice and whether the move to Triangle met its purpose.

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Recommended reading: Mapping the Way to a More Equitable Future for Education

books in a library

Loic Menzies and Cambridge Assessment Network are leading a conversation about the need to build a more equitable education system, and how we might go about doing that by bringing together cross-sector support.

Our series of events, Mapping the Way to a More Equitable Future for Education, is part of the Network's mission to bring high-quality assessment dialogue and practice to the sector. We are asking you to get involved in the conversation, and this list of resources will help to further your understanding.

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Covid-19 Curriculum Watch 4: Curriculum choices and the pandemic

School blazer, face mask and backpack hanging on a coat hook
As face-to-face and blended learning restarts for most learners across the UK, the Education and Curriculum Team from our Research Division look at how curriculum policy and practice in the four different UK nations is being affected by the pandemic. This is the fourth instalment in our Covid-19 Curriculum Watch series.

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Why didn't we abolish exams for 16-year-olds? - The history of GCSEs

When questioning whether or not we should ‘scrap GCSEs’ it is important to consider the history of our external exams system here in England. Andrew Watts talks us through the history of external exams in England. He highlights how and why a policy to abolish secondary exams was once agreed by the British government, but never happened.

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Vocational qualifications, baking and Vogue

luminary bakery
Stakeholder Relationships Manager at OCR, Ruth Carter, first contacted Luminary Bakery four years ago when it came to her attention that they were offering the OCR Life and Living Skills Introductory Award as part of their training which helps empower some of the UK's most disadvantaged women to reach their potential.

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Research Matters

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Research Matters is our free biannual publication which allows us to share our assessment research, in a range of fields, with the wider assessment community.