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From the 90s to now - How has media coverage of exams changed?

Reflecting on more than 20 years in Public Relations for Cambridge Assessment, Bene't Steinberg charts a spike in newspaper coverage of exams, sparked by ambitious politicians, a fight for university places and an increase in public interest, and also how social media has changed the way journalists report this annual hot topic. 

A remedy for 'teaching to the test?'

Ofsted’s new inspection framework: OCR’s Paul Steer assesses how a shift in focus from exams to curriculum quality will guard against a ‘pub quiz’ education.

Takeaway trends from the summer exam series

Over the last few months there has been plenty of analysis of the summer exam results. Paul Steer, Head of Policy at OCR, offers an overview of some of the most eye-catching trends using data for all boards across the UK, as published by the JCQ.

Promising interventions in Kenya

Dr Monazza Aslam, Managing Partner at the Oxford Partnership for Education Research & Analysis (OPERA), shares the timely and policy-relevant evidence on taking promising interventions to scale in Kenya.

Time to get with the programme on T Levels

Paul Steer, Head of Policy at OCR, outlines what will be required to ensure the success of T Levels, including high standards and clarity of purpose, calling on stakeholders to work together to ensure that those principles are upheld.


Achieve Spring 2019

Our newsletter Achieve gives you a snapshot of the work we have carried out worldwide during the last few months.