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Why didn't we abolish exams for 16-year-olds? - The history of GCSEs

When questioning whether or not we should ‘scrap GCSEs’ it is important to consider the history of our external exams system here in England. Andrew Watts talks us through the history of external exams in England. He highlights how and why a policy to abolish secondary exams was once agreed by the British government, but never happened.

Vocational qualifications, baking and Vogue

Stakeholder Relationships Manager at OCR, Ruth Carter, first contacted Luminary Bakery four years ago when it came to her attention that they were offering the OCR Life and Living Skills Introductory Award as part of their training which helps empower some of the UK's most disadvantaged women to reach their potential.

From the 90s to now - How has media coverage of exams changed?

Reflecting on more than 20 years in Public Relations for Cambridge Assessment, Bene't Steinberg charts a spike in newspaper coverage of exams, sparked by ambitious politicians, a fight for university places and an increase in public interest, and also how social media has changed the way journalists report this annual hot topic. 

A remedy for 'teaching to the test?'

Ofsted’s new inspection framework: OCR’s Paul Steer assesses how a shift in focus from exams to curriculum quality will guard against a ‘pub quiz’ education.