The importance of training and skills as the economy emerges from recession

The importance of training and skills as the economy emerges from recession

Greg Watson, Chief Executive of OCR, championed the benefits of skills attainment and its importance to the wider skills agenda at Working Together to Deliver World Class Skills – a special seminar which formed part of the World Class Skills 2009 Conference and Exhibition in London on 9 July. The event brought together organisations and individuals that are actively involved in the planning and deliveries of skills and employment services.

Watson's presentation looked at the Post-19 landscape and how OCR fits into the wider skills and employment agenda. He considered how the Government could best be involved and made particular reference to how important it is for learners to be equipped with the transferable skills that will allow them to respond to the evolving skills needs of the economy:

“We’ve got to think in terms of skills that apply right across the economy. We need to make sure we’re really ‘skilling people up’ in areas that will work almost wherever we end up working.  Let’s get shorter, sharper bursts of learning in place that get people from where they are now, with some extra skills, and very quickly out there into the job market again. Employers are going to find that they will need skills again.”

Complementing Watson's presentation was a showcase of inspirational work from centres across the UK, giving learners and teachers a unique perspective of how a new era of qualifications is opening doors for young people and building world class skills for the future. Selected OCR qualifications, such as OCR Nationals, were brought to life via a range of media including 3D art, film, and E-Portfolio.

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