Marking and grading: a simple guide

Marking and grading: a simple guide

Marking and Grading process

Assigning grades to students’ work in the UK is a complicated and large scale process. Our UK exam board, OCR, has put together a simple guide to the marking process: 

A simple guide to marking and grading

On the first page the diagram shows the processes that must be followed to ensure accuracy of marking. Marking accuracy is founded on four elements: 1) mark schemes, 2) markers, 3) our standardisation and 4) our marking quality assurance procedures. 

On pages 2-4 the article 'How do candidates get their grades' by Beth Black from the OCR Research and Technical Standards team sets out to illustrate how candidates get their grades.

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Does this guide contain enough detail? Too much information? We welcome feedback from teachers, students and parents.  

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