Protecting the innocent...

Protecting the innocent...

Questions about the ethics of mass innovation in education and training and the rapid pace at which they are implemented – especially when they affect millions of children – was raised at the latest Cambridge Assessment Network seminar.

The presentation given by Tim Oates, Group Director of Assessment Research and Development, argues that the current safeguards are inadequate and that the time has come to take a closer look at the precautions we should have in place when major changes to the education system are being planned. He points out that we do not accept uncertainty and volatility in medical research and policy, so why do we not expect the same high standards when it comes to educational reform.

Tim examines the ethical issues relating to safeguards for learners and concludes an argument for a radical look at new arrangements for ethical regulation of both educational evaluation and of innovation in education and training requirements.

Cambridge Assessment’s series of expert seminars provides an opportunity for discussion of innovative thinking in assessment. The seminars are presented by eminent figures in the world of education and their participative format encourages lively debate on key issues. 

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