A manifesto for Cambridge Mathematics


The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

Cambridge Mathematics is a collaborative enterprise in pursuit of this mission. The four University partners are committed to championing and securing a world class mathematics education for all students from 5 –19 years old, applicable to both national and international contexts and based on evidence from research and practice. We will call on our institutional courage and use the leadership, authority and expertise of the University to develop a coherent, transparent, evidence-based vision for Cambridge Mathematics – a vision that will make a major contribution to mathematics education internationally.

We believe that the study of mathematics is worthwhile for its own sake and as a key form of intellectual development. It is critical for the understanding of many other subjects and essential for functioning within modern society. Our vision is that the model of mathematics education that we intend to devise will emphasise the richness and power of maths, will encourage continued study of the subject and will be recognised world-wide as innovative and rigorous in approach. It will take into account the different needs in a changing world and contribute to learners’ personal, societal and economic well being. The enactment of the vision will draw on the expertise that resides in the University, and on that of our colleagues across the world.

  1. A framework for Cambridge Mathematics


    The Cambridge Maths Framework, the content spine to which the other elements will link.

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  2. Support resources for Cambridge Mathematics

    Support resources

    The supporting resources and Professional Development offer will link to the framework and exemplify identified effective pedagogies.

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  3. Professional development for Cambridge Mathematics

    Professional development

    Teacher learning has sizeable impact on student outcomes. Based on evidence from recent national and international surveys, we intend to design a coherent professional development offer that enables teachers in contrasting international contexts.

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  4. Assessment for Cambridge Mathematics


    Whilst we know that high quality resources are an important factor in curriculum coherence, in practice we also know that in the vast majority of classrooms worldwide, high stakes assessments hugely influence the implementation of the intended curriculum.

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The Cambridge Mathematics manifesto

Cambridge Mathematics manifesto

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