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Cambridge Assessment Network are delighted to now offer digital badges for successful completion of their A10 series of online courses. Digital badges allow learners to display their achievements to colleagues and peers on platforms such as LinkedIn and they are a secure and verified way to recognise someone’s credentials.

The badges will be issued for the first time this week to a cohort of over 60 people completing the January session of A101: Introducing the Principles of Assessment, alongside their certification of course completion.  

Sally Brown, Assistant Director of Cambridge Assessment Network, said:

“This is another exciting development for the Assessment Network and follows on from our awarding of accreditation from CPD standards last year.  The digital badges show our commitment to professional development and will allow learners to share their achievement to the assessment community via social media.”

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The launch of these digital badges further supports the Assessment Network’s vision to see recognition of assessment practitioners and specialists everywhere and to encourage greater understanding of assessment.  The A10 series of online courses cover the fundamentals of designing and delivering successful assessments and are mapped against the Network’s professional framework in assessment.  

Initially digital badges will be available for the following courses:

  • A101: Introducing the Principles of Assessment
  • A102: Introducing Assessment Practice
  • A103: Introducing Data Literacy
  • A104: Psychometrics in Educational Assessment

You can find out more about the A10 online series offered by the Assessment Network by visiting our online courses page.  

About digital badges 

Digital badges are a sign of accomplishment or skill that can be displayed, accessed, and verified online.  They act as a graphical representation of traditional qualifications (e.g. certificates) that contain blockchain verified metadata that describe the qualification and the process required to earn them.  They can neither be copied nor tampered with and can be easily shared online.

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